2018 Classes

burly classes 2018

2018 classes are full of exciting changes! We are redesigning our format so it has more drop-in availability, it provides more creative challenges, and prepares students more thoroughly for professionally run showcase.

Take a look at what you can expect this year from Bump & Grunge Burlesque starting January 10th:

JANUARY: Movements & Drills (great classes for drop ins)
FEBRUARY: Choreography with Peels!
MARCH: Choreography with Props!
APRIL: Bettering Your Personal Burlesque (Characterization, Theory, Improvisation, etc)
MAY: Creating Individual Pieces (Storytelling, Feedback)
JUNE: Show Prep Month (Costuming, Storytellng, Feedback)

You can pay either the drop in fee ($10), the monthly fee ($30), or the six-month session ($150) depending on what works best for you. These affordable classes can be purchased ahead of time at our store or in class!

Classes will be held at Trio Contemporary Art Gallery, right above Pixel and Ink off of Broad St, Athens GA.

See you then!