Workshops coming up!


The year 2017 is teaming with creative OOMF. Don’t miss out if you can help it! We’re bringing in diverse instructors from all across the states and all you have to do is sign up for their classes!
We’ve created this fancy thing called a 2017 Workshop Pass. It’s $200 up front, but literally covers every instructor at a discounted price!

That’s INSANE.

Did you know some workshops have multiple instructors in one day?
Did you know some weekends are totally booked with awesome instructors?

Every instructor brings in a unique perspective and different skills– anything from movement, character development, boylesque themes, circus fun, emceeing and a wholottamore!

Check out the shop!

Reflections on 2016

The year 2016 has been more eventful than any of us could have anticipated.

Now that we are so close to our first production of Mammoriam, we really feel like one of the best ways to reflect upon this year is to ask you: what has affected you the most?

We’ve created a short and easy submission form for you. We would love to honor, celebrate, or mourn whatever you would like for us to mention. It can be positive or negative; it can be a person, place, or thing happening; it can be a loss or a gain.

Please click this link to let us know!


Mammoriam Submission Deadline

Are you wanting to honor one of the many beloved artists that we have lost to the year 2016?
Feeling inspired by that dancer, musician, actor, director, playwright, producer that may have helped shape and change you to the person you are today?
Still interested in submitting an inspirational act of that dear artist that was claimed by this year?
You still have time to submit– we have one more week left until our submissions are closed.
Mammoriam 2016 is all about celebrating those that we have loved and lost of this year.
Submissions are only $5!

Fill out an application and get some more information here!

Fall Schedule


Classes begin September 7th at our new location, Center City Ballet and Movement Arts! Both of our new classes are 10 weeks long.

6:30 PM: Choreography Series
7:30 PM: Burlesque 101


We are excited to partner with Uskudara Dance as we open in our new location in Center City Ballet and Movement Arts. Uskudara teaches Rhythym and Belly Dance Tuesday nights at 8pm. Purchasing a  session with us gets a special discount on a Uskadara Class Card!

Email for more details!

A Performance Track Series Coming to You

Marc1Bump & Grunge Burlesque is excited to announce a ten week series that gives you all the beginning foundations to create a burlesque character, concept, and piece with an optional opportunity to perform.

This series will be taught by several different instructors in the Athens burlesque community. The class includes information on the meaning and history of burlesque, basic movement in a piece, coming up with ideas for pieces, and developing a character.

This class is perfect if you are burlesque-curious. It is also a great class if you you’d like to build and expand on your personal burlesque foundations.

This class starts September 7th at 7pm, after the choreography class, in our new location.

Please click here for a detailed class description. You can purchase the entire series in our store!



Now that I’ve had time to sit with it, I wanted to say–once again– how PROUD I am of our Athens Burlesque community.

Community is very important to me. Education is very important to me. We can’t grow as performers and we can’t grow as a community if we keep ourselves isolated, and bringing in people “from the outside” really thrills and inspires me. This is a message of thanks. Thanks to the people who contributed, the people who participated, and the people who supported.

I am still glowing.

This sparkly heart of mine just keeps on shining.