Burlesque 102: Advanced Burlesque

Burlesque 102: Advanced Burlesque builds and expands upon the skills learned in Burlesque 101.  The course covers over a twelve week period:

  • different movement styles and combinations
  • incorporation of prop usage
  • advanced costume and makeup
  • improvisation techniques to use while on stage

You’ll get the chance to learn from established burlesque performers and instructors in the Athens area, as this course offers multiple perspectives and methods to this art form.
This course offers a chance to create, share, and work with others, as well as an informal recital to show off to friends and family at the end of the session.

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Classes for this session will be taught by Bump & Grunge Instructors! All students will be provided with a notebook to keep track of notes and ideas throughout the session. Returning students are encouraged to bring back their previous notebooks to add to.


Recital: November 25th

*Recitals are encouraged, but not mandatory. Recitals are only open to family and friends of the students as well as members of the burlesque community. This is NOT a public event.