Daisy Ya DareMe

15555297_10154067520752694_1698612464_oDaisy Ya’DareMe is the fun, spunky, slightly off-beat sweetheart of Secret City Burlesque. She prides herself on being the life of any slumber party, ‘cause she never turns down a dare. On the stage, this translates to a fun, enthusiastic, and experimental style that takes a breathless, head-on approach to the challenge of performing burlesque.
Daisy believes in burlesque as the ultimate form of self-exploration and self-celebration – a medium through which a performer can shine a light on all the fears and doubts and secrets and wishes that she keeps buried deep inside herself during the day, and turn them into beautiful art. And as such, Daisy believes burlesque is for everyone, and she approaches teaching as an extension of those beliefs.
Come to class open-minded, enthusiastic, and prepared to dig inside yourself and bring out all the secrets that need to see the sunlight.