Workshops from the Petty Fam!

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PettyFam is touring through Athens on August 19th, 2017! Mark your calendars, and see what classes are available below!

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Classes are at Center City Ballet and Movement Arts: 750 N Chase St Athens GA 30601

1 PM: Love Thy Self
A Sensual Commandment (Loving Yourself On Stage by Tre Da Marc)

Lecture / light movement class focusing on building confident and fierce body positivity and movement that can be use both on and off stage. A derivative of Foxy Tann Fabulous is a State of Mind.

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2 PM: Suffer
The Art of Dominant Stage Presence (Stage Presence by Nox Falls)

A hands on tutorial of unleashing the sex and the intention during your number, this class will help you identify your nastiness and vunerablity and then connect that within the audience.

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